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Vacation! Summertime in America, in CinemaScope!

No matter the flippant, large black-on-white titling, which straight-off foreshadows one central character’s impending death; everything about Zach Clark’s second film is as spontaneous as the girls’ reunion. It was shot quickly in late summer, 2009, on location at Clark’s father’s freshly painted pink beach house on Hatteras Island, North Carolina. The narrative not only introduces multiple twists in plot, but twists in genre – from buddy movie to sleazy holiday horror to music video to experimentation in acid-induced, surrealistic psychedelia and more.

The Saint, Edinburgh

The people behind the Bramble Bar & Lounge have recently opened a restaurant called The Saint on Saint Stephen Street in Stockbridge.

Like Bramble and The Bailie (a fine pub on the western corner of the same street, great for an after-dinner dram), The Saint is located in the underground level of a Georgian building, typical of Edinburgh’s New Town which is renowned for such spaces.