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Walker Evans, Kitchen Wall, Alabama Farmstead, 1936

Ruth Reichl, Ellen Doré Watson, Patty Crane, Francine Prose, and Elizabeth Graver respond to Walker Evans’ “Kitchen Wall, Alabama Farmstead” now posted on the new Gastronomica online..with interviews with Darra Goldstein and Hannah Fries

As part of the second annual Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, Orion and Gastronomica co-hosted a reading featuring renowned food writer Ruth Reichl, poets Ellen Doré Watson and Patty Crane, and fiction writers Francine Prose (finalist for the National Book Award) and Elizabeth Graver. Their contributions have now been posted on the new Gastronomica site as a Web exclusive.

Les filles au diable, 1933. © Atelier Robert Doisneau.

Doisneau: Paris Les Halles at the Hôtel de Ville (English Version)

To judge from the enormous queue in front of the Hôtel de Ville to get into this magnificent exhibition of Doisneau’s photographs, there remains a Les Halles shaped void in the Parisian heart. There is perhaps no real place in Paris which exerts such fascination as the memory of Les Halles, “le ventre de Paris.” Of all the wounds inflicted on the city during the same period, from the rive gauche expressway (1967) to the Tour Montparnasse (1973), perhaps none was so psychically damaging as the closing of Les Halles in 1969. There was something intimate about this particular blow; it was literally a punch to the stomach, a bureaucratic meddling with the primal, particularly in France, human need for nourishment.

Les filles au diable, 1933. © Atelier Robert Doisneau.

Doisneau: Paris Les Halles à l’Hôtel de Ville (version française)

Devant l’Hôtel de Ville l’énorme file d’attente pour cette exposition magnifique des photos de Doisneau atteste qu’il reste toujours un trou des Halles béant dans le coeur parisien. Probablement aucune autre lieu parisien soustrait autant de fascination que la mémoire des Halles, “le ventre de Paris.” Peut-être la différence entre la fermeture des Halles en 1969 et les autres blessures urbaines de cet époque, parmi eux la voie express rive gauche (1967) et la tour Montparnasse (1973), est sa qualité autant psychique que physique. Cette perte avait quelque chose d’intime, une véritable tape au ventre par les fonctionnaires anonymes contre le besoin humain de la nourriture.

The Rosés of Provence

If it were possible to bottle up the spirit of a place in a wine, my vote would go to the rosés of Provence. Warm, radiant, cheerful and decorously seductive, their appearance alone sparks the thought that a few sips will transport one to a world of sunshine and tranquility. Who wouldn’t want to have […]

Blue, Edinburgh

Lucas Miller reviews this Edinburgh restaurant, ideally positioned with close proximity to that city’s most important venues for theatre and film.

The Wicked Oyster, Wellfleet

Review by Lucy Vivante, Lucas and Michael Miller. Owners Kenneth Kozak & Eliza Fitts 50 Main Street Wellfleet, Massachusetts 02667 tel. (508) 349-3455 Open all week dinner 5-10 pm; breakfast 7 am-12 pm; coffee 6.30-noon. all major credit cards prices: moderate dress: casual Wellfleet is named after England’s Wallfleet oyster beds by the River Crouch […]

Gramercy Bistro, North Adams

Gramercy Bistro 23 Marshall Street, North Adams, Massachusetts tel. 413.663.5300 Dress: casual. Prices, moderate: starters, $7 to $12; entrees, $18 to $26. Hours: 5 to 9 every day but Tuesday. Bar hours; 5 to 10. Reservations recommended. Gramercy Bistro in North Adams has been a favorite of ours for some time, and it’s not because […]