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Tamara Hickey as Ariel and Nigel Gore at Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

A Singer’s Notes 138: A Comedy of Tenors at Oldcastle — More on Gore’s Prospero

The Tempest

I must say once more how much Nigel Gore’s Tempest at Shakespeare and Company has meant to me. He helped me to see what it really is. His loneliness dominated, and this was right. I will take this performance as a model of for my adventures on stage, and I thank him.

Nigel Gore as Prospero. Photo Stratton McCrady

A Singer’s Notes 137: The Tempest, at Shakespeare and Company

On Wednesday evening, Nigel Gore’s Prospero gave me The Tempest I have been waiting for. First, and not least, his performance was consistent. I have long waited for a performance that showed the profound loneliness of this character. A temperament carefully hidden makes it clear.

Nigel Gore and Tina Packer in Women of Will. Photo Kevin Sprague.

A Singer’s Notes 24: Words and Music

One Christmas my magic daughter gave me a picture of a baboon. Above it she wrote Prospero’s valedictory line: “I’ll drown my book.” The animal had an expression of imponderable grief on its face. Words are exclusively human. But could it be said that animals sing? Music sets words free, back to their primal origin, leaping into the heart. Music is a language of knowing, of certainty. It has the raw truth of the baboon’s face. Maybe Prospero, whose name signifies hope, begins to sing when the book is drowned and the grief is past.