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Rascals, an Inspired Restaurant and Performance Space in the Crossgates Mall, Albany

In cooking, as in any art, you have to know the rules—the more profoundly the better—to break them. While en route, appropriately enough, to Albany, I heard a radio interview with the manager and the chef of a new restaurant near the University of Albany. As I threaded my way through the rolling hills and forests that separate the capital of New York State from the Berkshires, slowing in all the notorious speed traps, I found this interview unusually absorbing. The chef, Nicholas Armstrong, was impressively articulate about the science of cooking

Blue, Edinburgh

Lucas Miller reviews this Edinburgh restaurant, ideally positioned with close proximity to that city’s most important venues for theatre and film.

Gala Restaurant and Bar at the Orchards Hotel

Gala Restaurant and Bar | Orchards Hotel 222 Adams Road, Williamstown, Massachusetts, 01267. Tel: 413.458.9611 | 800.225.1517 Fax: 413.458.3273 Email Price: Moderate | main courses $23-$39. As summer visitors converge on Williamstown, beginning with the Williams commencement and continuing on through the Williamstown Theatre Festival, which will conintue through late August, it will hardly occur […]